Three Day Visit

Option 1

Day 1


Morning:        we visit Angkor Wat, the architectural wonder, with its world class bas reliefs.


Afternoon:       Visit 3 main temples at Hariharalaya which is the earliest Angkor capital. Lolei is a Hindu temple built with brick in late 9th century in the center of a man-made lake, 

                        Indratadak. Preah Ko is another Hindu temple that shows you a lot about the earliest style of carvings and architecture of Angkor period. Bakong temple is an enormous mountain temple constructed as the state or main temple in this area. Before visitting Preah Ko, you should visit the shadow pupet and stone carving workshop locating in the front of the temple that shows you how mdern Khmer generation preserve the incredible masterpiece of the ancestor. 


Day 2             

Morning:        We start early in the morning to see Sunrise at Angkor Wat at 5.00am. Then, visit Banteay Kdei and then Taprom. After Taprom, we walk through the forest to Ta Nei a small beautiful temple which is untouched by tourist.

Afternoon:      Travel by road to visit South Gate of Angkor Thom.


Visit Bayon and Baphoun temple. Next, we walk into the ancient Royal Palace to visit Phimeanakas temple with beautiful view of royal swimming pools, and then walk to the Terrace of the Elephants and Terrace of the Leper King.


Day 3

Morning:          We visit the most beautiful temple of Cambodia, Banteay Srei. Then we visit Banteay Samre, a Hindu temple with similar style to Angkor Wat.


Afternoon:       We visit Tonle Sap, the biggest freshwater lake in Southeast, to see floating villages, flooded forest and floating fish & crocs farms, people living on the lake, by taking a boat cruise.

Artisan D’Angkor workshop and gift Shop, free time for shopping at market and City tour around downtown

For detail information about each place, please read in Siem Reap Attraction
Price: (according to our experience and quality of our services)          
1 person=325$
2 people=335$
3 people=385$
4 people=400$

5 people=415$
6 people=430$
7 people=440$
8 people=450$
9 people=460$
10 people=470$
-English speaking tour guide
-A/C car or van with a driver
-Free cool fresh drinking water during the tour
-Boat tickets and entrance fees to visit floating village at Tonle Sap Lake
-Extra charge for sunrise and long distance to Banteay Srei temple.
-Tansfer in and out services (during the tour only).

-Hotel rate
-Three day temple pass (62$ each)
Option 2
Day 1
Visit Banteay Kdei, a grand Buddhist temple built inlate 12th century. At late morning, we visit Angkor Wat, the world largest temple with excellent masterpiece of carvings, sculptures and perfect structure. 

Afternoon:     Visit the impressive South Gate of Angkor Thom. Angkor Thom is a walled and moated royal city contructed in late 10th century. It was the last capital of the Angkor empire. Then, we visit Bayon, the second main temple of Cambodia after Angkor Wat. Bayon still has its 49 towers decorated with nearly 200 giant stone faces of Buddha, standing peacefully in the middle of the jungle of Angkor Thom city. Bayon is also considered as a window on Angkor history as its gallery has bas-reliefs about scenes of daily life, battles, China Town, cockfighting, chess games, childbirth and market scenes so on.
After that, we visit Baphounwhich is an enormous Hindu mountain temple contructed in early 11th century. Baphoun has largely collapsed and is in a very ruined condition. This temple has the earliest excellent design of a long causeway or bridge supported by many round columns leading from the entrance to the main structure in the center.
Next, we walk along the Terrace of the Elephants and Terrace of the Leper King. After that, we explore Taprom,another Buddhist temple covered by dense tropical forest where Tomb Raider Movie was fimledBecause Taprom was intentionally left unrestoredand uncleared, huge fig and silk-cotton trees still keep growing on the towers and corridors of the temple offering a jungle atmosphere and some of the best tree-on-temple photo opportunities at Angkor. 
 We could either visit sunset at Sras Srong, 1000 year old man-made lake, or return directly to the hotel. 

Full day:
        We visist Kulen Mountian to see 1000 linga carvings in bottom of the river, a giant statue of Buddha carved on the mountaintop, and beautiful waterfall where you can swim in nice cool water. Then, we visit Banteay Srei (the most beautiful temple of Cambodia). Then we visitBanteay Samre, a Hindu temple with similar style to Angkor Wat.
Enjoy sunset at Pre Rub temple or return directly to the hotel.
Day 3
        We visit Preah Khan, a grand Buddhist temple complex built in late 12th century. Preah Khan has 40 doors to get through from one to another side. After that, we see Neak Pean, an island Buddhist temple, and then Ta Som which both of them were built by the same king in late 12th century. Later, we see Eatern Mebon, another island Hindu temple with 8 giant elephant statues. Finally, we visit Pre Rup  which is a grand and very high Hindu temple built in late 10th century.

visit Tonle Sap, the biggest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia to see floating villages, flooded forest and floating fish & crocs farms,and people who live on the lake, by taking a boat cruise.
 Artisan D’Angkorworkshop and gift Shop, free time for shopping at market and City tour around downtown.

For detail information about each place, please read in Siem Reap Attraction
Price ( according to our experience and quality of our services )
1 person=360$
2 people=390$       
3 people=425$
4 people=460$
5 people=495$
6 people=570$
7 people=600$
8 people=630$
9 people=660$
10 people=690$
Inclusion: Professional English speaking tour guide, A/C car or van with a driver, free cool fresh drinking water during the tour, extra charge for long distance to Banteay Srei temple and Kulen Mountain, Tickets for Kulen mountain, transfer in or out services(during the tour only).
 Exclusion: Hotel rate, three day temple pass (62$ each), all other fees





If you need hotel accommodation with cheaper price than booking yourself, please just tell me what types of hotels, then i will give you options.











Mr. Phanith is a knowledgeable and adventurous tour guide with a lot of heart. He loves to take people to sites off the beaten track -- in comfort! I am a repeat customer & look forward to many more excursions with him in Cambodia.

Panith is the best tour guide I've ever had. His service and level of knowledge are unparalelled and he is a great person to go with it. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending his services to anyone (in fact I already have) and we look forward to coming back over to Cambodia and visiting Panith once again.

Phanith is a very polite, well articulated and educated tour guide. He showed us (me and my husband) secret location that is only known to few tourist and tour guides. I highly recommend Cambodia tour services to everyone.

I was introduced to phanith when I visited Siam Reap for my honeymoon in January 2010. This was my third trip and he was the best guide ever. 12 months later and my Son, his girlfriend and 2 friends were travelling to Siam Reap and I gave them Phaniths contact details as I knew he would look after thier every need...and he did. They came back and said he was wonderful. Guides can make or break a holiday destination, so if you want to be guaranteed an indepth experience with a wonderful guide you will not be dissapointed. Debra Melbourne Australia

Panith's knowledge of Cambodia was most impressive, the information he provided us with was outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending Panith to anyone considering a tour on their trip to Cambodia.

Travel to Cambodia with friends on the year 2009.Panith, is a well qualified tour guide who served his customers with whole-hearted attitude. It was hard to miss any important info with his guide. He always do his best to satisfy us with his knowledge on the history & culture of Cambodia & some funny jokes that cheer us up for the whole trip. if there is a chance to go back Cambodia, sure will look for you once again...Thanks for your companion for the 3days guide.

Cheab Phanith is a very kind and smart guide. It was a very nice experience to discover Cambodia with him. I can highly recommend him to everybody who wants to know more than usual about the country! Sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend! Nur zu empfehlen!

I had a great time at Siem Reap and Phanith was our tour guide for 3 days. He knows the place well and is always eager to tell us the histories and stories of the temples. Besides, I can still remember the mango and some local food that he introduced to us. Not forgetting his cheerful and playfulness especially when he knew you better. He is really passionate about his work and without a doubt, i would love to have him to guide me again on our next adventure at Siem Reap. Looking forward to go there again. By that time, I hope he would have time to entertain me!!!

Phanith is very knowledgeable and is an ambitious young lad. We've learned a lot about Siem Reap from him and apart from that, he represents the young mind of Cambodia. Impressed and looking forward to visiting Cambodia again. Well done Phanith!

Phanith is one of the most patient and knowledgeable tour guide I've ever had! We are a bunch of crazy girls who loves to run around for photoshoots! He'll always guide us patiently with all his hearts, love his service and love his companion!

My friends and I had a good time with Cheab Panith. He's very polite, accomodating and I'm impressed with all his knowledge of all the information about cambodia. He brought us to some location that no other tour guide does, making our tour more adventurous. contact him now!

I went to Cambodia a couple of years ago and had the pleasure of having Phanith as a tourguide for my group. Not only is he knowledgeable about the history of each site in Siem Riep, he's also very attentive to our welfare. My sister had a sprained ankle and he took his time to stay behind with her to make sure she gets to enjoy the trip as much as the rest of us. For other perks, ask him to do a tarzan move when he's near a tree! It's definitely entertaining to have him as your tour guide :)

It was a good star who introduced me to Phanith when I visited Siem Reap 5 years ago for a teaching week at Kantha Bopha Children`s hospital. Since then I prolong my yearly courses by 3-4 days to visit with him remote temples and provinces and learn more about everyday life in Cambodia.Phanith is a highly qualified temple guide, an outstanding scout through rural Cambodia, where he has grown up and an exceptional personality.He speaks English fluently, carefully organizes his tours and passionately introduces you to the hidden secrets of his wonderful country.Next year I will bring my family and hope he will also show my boy how to catch crickets, produce palm sugar and find medicinal herbs in the jungle

Panith is an absolute Gem! We wanted to pack him up and take him with us on the remainder of our journey. All the testimonials listed here are true to their word, Panith will certainly not disappoint.

Mr Phanith is very nice and full of patience. He introduced many good local restaurants to us. In each checkpoint, he would describe its history and find a very good place for photographing. Next time, I will find him again if I want to go Cambodia. Next time, when my friends would like to go, I will introduce Mr Phanith to them.

Panith is a real gentlemen, he is the perfect tour guide for visiting the archeological site of Angkor Wat. He has a perfect knowledge of Cambogia history and culture and is very interesting to listen to. I really recommend him for a full immersion in Cambogia culture and lifestyle.

I was recently in Siem Reap and had the pleasure of Panith as my tour guide. I had a fabulous time. He is so well informed, patient and flexible. He provides a very professional service. I highly recommend him.

We had an amazing experience in Cambodia because of our tour guide Mr. Phanith! He speaks english well, smart and very friendly!we learned so much from him. He also assisted us with our pictures hes so nice! Great job mr Phanith! we wish you all the best.

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